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Bramblier York will showcase your food and beverage products in her unique and highly desirable style. Your products will never look so good! The ability to achieve this is underpinned by a decade of work as a Creative Director and a lifetime of top-notch multi-media artistry. Combined with state-of-the-art digital photography, you can be assured these talents will combine to present your products in the positive sales light you may require and expect.

Food photography / Food stylist

Bramblier York ensure that your food photography, is not only on point, but that it is styled appropriately as well.  Food styling is an integral part of food photography. It allows prospective wholesale and retail clients the ability to imagine uses of your product through valuable food styling incorporated into your effective and targeted photography.

Food styling / Beverage styling Props


Bramblier York has an extensive range of food and beverage styling props on hand. Large and small. This immediate access to props provides the ability for a quick turnaround if time is short, or being able to experiment with different looks of styling if your unsure of what you’re looking for, or would like multiple options for a campaign over time.


The variety and multitude of styling and photographic techniques for both food and beverage photography is as diverse as the products photographed by Bramblier York themselves. However, the best technique is only part of the solution. Bramblier York also has an extensive range of digital lighting sources in house, providing over 16 million shades of colour. These can be used in addition to, or instead of, natural light, or techniques based on natural light. 

Beverage photography / Product stylist


Beverage photography is another area where Bramblier York excels. From the point of conceiving the image of your beverage to reaching your expectation in the final showcase of work, you can be assured the process used in your beverage photography is based on meticulous attention to detail. Bramblier York can also develop a new beverage photography style guide with you, such that you can keep up with market or presentation trends, or develop a completely new line of beverage photography suited to a new market or change of corporate presentation.

Types of food and beverage photography

One of the beauties of the Bramblier York process is that you are not restricted to a single style or presentation type of food or beverage photography. If you would like some superb still beverage photographs; stop motion food photography; or photographic sequencing of your food or beverage products; or recipe method, or combination of any of these or more, then that is exactly what can be achieved for you. 

Adams Distillery (2) Food Photographer T



Bramblier York is based in Launceston, Tasmania, available to work onsite statewide, including Hobart.

National and International clients are welcome to send products for photography projects.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss your project.

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