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26 Market stall ideas to make your Christmas stand (or any time of the year) irresistible!

If you’re a creator, the Christmas market days are a wonderful opportunity to sell and promote your products like never before! With so much foot traffic and people looking for gifts for loved ones, you want to make the most of attracting people and your target audience to your market stand. The delightful summer atmosphere of live music and mouth-watering food aromas. It’s a creative business owner's dream come true. But if you’ve never sold at a Christmas market, the process can be quite overwhelming.

Here is our 26 Christmas market checklist with the best tips and ideas for a successful stall with Ecrylimer Eco Resin. We’ve included tips that relate to all creatives, so even if you use a different medium - we are sure you will find some ideas here also :) If you prefer to listen or watch a video - here is the YouTube link that has a voice over for you :)

The Essentials

First things first, you’ll need a place to set up and something to set up on. Ensure all your permits, insurance, furniture and shelter are in working order to avoid stress on the day. You can even do a dummy set-up at home prior to the market to ensure you have a planned layout, and that everything works beforehand. You should have insurance and the market may require proof of cover prior. If you aren’t sure, talk to the market organisers, and check with an insurance broker or a specialist provider such as Auzi.

Choosing Props

You want your products to be the star of your show, not your fittings! It’s also important that your supports complement your goods rather than detract from them. Choose elegant, solid and neutral-coloured furniture and market display props to let your creations shine. Ikea, Kmart, Spotlight and Bunnings often stock the bamboo plate racks (also search for kitchen organisers). Perfect for displaying your oval trays, shells and coasters. Local styling companies generally keep a range of quality items you can hire such as fitted tablecloths (not lycra ones lol), wooden carpenters tables, plinths, crates, table risers, plain linen napkins/tablecloths and small extra decor items to help your display. It’s a perfect way to test out what you want before you make or purchase your own especially if it's your 1st market stall. If you are having wooden tables (nowhere to hide your stuff tables!), a neutral cloth to cover storage boxes at the back or underneath tables is helpful. If you have a back to your stand, you can create a false wall with some pull up banners etc to hide essential items behind.

Displaying Items

When you set out your beautiful items, work in triangles, sets of three or five and largest to smallest (size and quantity) from back to front. These simple rules of thumb are an excellent way to achieve harmony on a table full of different-sized items and symmetry when you have odd (and frequently changing) numbers. Point your items to the front, drawing their line of sight up your table, and make sure the customer can see as much as possible. Use small crates at the back with varying heights and you can even put 2 crates on the bottom and one on top to give you different levels to place items (also great for transporting).

Be Intentional

It’s easy to get carried away when decorating and setting up your stall, but remember why you’re there! Everything in your stall should have a purpose, whether it’s to inform, enhance or complement your products. Any unnecessary clutter, jarring decor or unnecessary signage simply confuses and distracts potential customers from your