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The perfect way to finish your piece (can be used after the matte sealer) to create lustre and colour enhancement for those not wanting a complete matte finish. It's become our "go to" finishing touch because of the long lasting sheen and enhancing properties.


Easily applied with a microfibre cloth in small circular motion, and buff to a clear shine on a fully cured piece.


Comes in a 250ml Tin.

Suitable for Acrylic Compound articles, chopping boards and furniture.

Made from 100% safe, non-toxic ingredients, aids in water resistant properties and is non-flammable.
Not a permanent finish, an can be reapplied.


Made in South Australia with local beeswax.

Contains a perfect blend of: Mineral Oil, Bee, Carnauba wax and colour corrective elements.

Wax Polish - Top Coat Lustre Finish

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