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These metallic powder pigments are super versatile and produce beautiful marbling effects in Ecrylimer. They do not dissolve into the mixed compound so a little coaxing out of the tub so you get the effect on the right side of the mold helps (we've attached a quick video in this listing to show how it mixes). A very small amount goes a long way with these! There are a variety of ways you can use it -

* Swirl into the mix before pouring (the effect depends on how much powder you put in).

* Sprinkle a little on the mold first before pouring (only use a tiny amount - good for making a textured effect).

* Once the final product is cured using a little Ecrylimer liquid to paint on where you want it to go and then tap a little metallic powder onto the liquid on your final piece. If you then tap the piece and the powder will stick to where the liquid is.

* Use in Resin resin for a metallic look


Finished product can sealed with satin, gloss sealer or be waxed with the clear wax we stock (not matte sealer).


Clean up mold with warm soapy water and dish cloth to wipe off, for smaller areas you can use isopropyl alcohol.


Wear gloves and avoid breathing in the powder.


Note - Every effort has been made to photograph the powder as accurately as possible.  Colours may vary slightly from what is shown on screen, due to lighting, camera and screen brightness.

Metallic Pigment Powder - 25grams & 50grams

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