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Choosing Your Ideal Eco Casting Compound

All Australian made, Vegan, Non Toxic, free from VOCs, formaldehyde, biocides, and other harmful chemicals. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned artisan, find an Ecrylimer pack or starter kit to suit you below. 

For the "Just Starting Out" Crafter

Ecrylimer Pro Starter Kit (Taster Size):
Buy two, pay the same shipping fee!

We have everything you need to get started in this exciting "taster sized" kit that makes 7 coasters. A perfect gift for a craft lover or to dip your toe into the world of Eco Resin.

In a pink box (incl handwritten card option) & instructions - SHOP HERE 

For the "I've Seen That Shell Online" Creative 


Ecrylimer Pro Shell Starter Kit:


Buy two, pay the same shipping fee!

One of eco resins iconic trinket dishes is this beautiful fan shell This compact kit offers everything for 8 unique shell creations: a 250g Liquid and 625g Base Powder, a detailed shell mold, pigments and essential crafting tools. A delightful treat for crafters and a thoughtful gift option.

In a pink box (incl handwritten card option) & instructions - SHOP HERE

For the "Fun with Family" Crew

Ecrylimer Bold Starter Kit:


This kit contains 1.25kg of Bold (Just add water!) and includes 2 versatile molds, a vibrant pigment palette, and essential crafting tools. Bold has a slower working time, so it's great for starting out or for children (with supervision). Perfect for those just starting out with eco resin, without feeling the pressure of a quick set looming!

In a pink box (incl handwritten card option) & instructions - SHOP HERE

For the "I like it Bright" Crafter

Ecrylimer Pro Neon Starter Kit:

Buy two, pay the same shipping fee!

This 875g set is a great introduction for those wanting to infuse a splash of vivid neon into their projects. While compact, this kit packs everything you need: from our signature eco casting compound, dynamic neon pigments, to indispensable crafting tools. Perfect for crafting a neon magic in 3 coasters and 2 oval trays. 

In a pink box (incl handwritten card option) & instructions - SHOP HERE 

For the "I want Plenty to Begin With" Creative

Starting at $89.95

Ecrylimer Pro Larger Starter Kits (4 options): Available in two sizes (1.75kg and 3.5kg) with the option to include a mini mixer, our kits ensure that mixing is a breeze, giving you more time to focus on your designs. Each set is thoughtfully curated with mandala and oval tray molds, offering diversity in your creations. Investing in a starter kit often paves the way for larger projects, making it not only an excellent introduction to the art but also a launchpad for expanded your crafting ventures. The biggest pack (3.5kg) is enough to make about 10-12 oval trays and 6-8 mandalas. 

In a pink box (incl handwritten card option) & instructions - SHOP HERE 

For the "Seal it like a Pro" Artist

Kit Bundle PRICE $99.95- save $15.00

Sealing Starter Kit - Ecrylimer Clear Resin and Pre Sealer: Introducing our 900g Kit, your gateway to impeccable finishes on Ecrylimer Eco Resin crafts. This kit isn't just about protection—it's a creative enhancer. Featuring a revolutionary pre-sealer and a versatile clear resin, it's designed for those who seek perfection in their projects. Inside, you'll find our Satin Sealer with colour lock technology, our high-quality, BPA-free Coat or Cast Clear Resin, precision brushes, mixing tools, and protective gear. Achieve 100% waterproofing and food contact safe surfaces with this comprehensive collection, which includes a step-by-step instruction sheet to guide you through the process. 

Presented in a pink box with instructions - Click here 

Ecrylimer Packs - For When You Need More

Ecrylimer Pro: For those who require strength and efficiency, Ecrylimer Pro stands out. As our strongest formula, it's crafted from a combination of base powder and acrylic resin polymer liquid. A smooth bubble free pour, with its 10-minute open time and rapid 30 - 40-minute setting, it's a dream for artisans preparing large batches, especially for markets. In its natural state the solid white hue presents a clean finish, and its non-flammable nature assures it's aptly suited for candle vessels.

Available in pack sizes from 1.75kg to 42kg - Click here

Ecrylimer Bold Water Activated Eco Resin.jpg

Ecrylimer Bold: If you're a beginner or someone needing flexibility, this is for you. With only water as an additive, it gives users an extended 20-minute open time. While it may not be as robust as the Pro, it’s ideal for thicker creations. The beauty of this formula is how it magnifies vibrant and dark tones when paired with our pigments. Ecrylimer Bold promises more quantity per pack, making it an economical choice. Its natural white shade with light flecks adds character to the finish. With a demold time of 40-60 minutes, this non-flammable option is perfect for crafting coasters and candle holders, though not recommended for candle vessels.

Available in pack sizes from 750g to 40kg - Click here 

Ecrylimer Bold+: The middle ground that harmoniously marries the features of Pro and Bold. By infusing 20% Pro liquid with water, users are gifted with the Pro’s smooth pouring advantage while still enjoying an extended working time. There’s also the added bonus of no bubble troubles. Similarly non-flammable, this variant is best suited for coasters and candle holders but not for candle vessels.

Available in pack sizes from 2kg to 20kg - Click here

The Eco-Friendly and Versatile Magic of Ecrylimer Eco Casting Compound

In today's eco-conscious world, the sustainability of our crafting choices is more essential than ever. Here's why Ecrylimer is your green champion:

  1. Natural Roots: At its core, Ecrylimer is derived from natural minerals, ensuring an earth-friendly base.

  2. Clean and Clear: Breathe easy knowing Ecrylimer emits zero VOCs or harmful fumes, ensuring a healthier crafting environment.

  3. Pure and Safe: We've excluded harmful chemicals like formaldehyde and biocides, often found in other eco resins. This commitment ensures a safer experience for you and less harm to you and the environment. 

  4. Waste Not, Want Not: The beauty of Ecrylimer is its full-circle use. Any remnants can be transformed into Terrazzo chips or reintegrated into larger projects. Your creativity not only flourishes but does so with minimal waste.

When showcasing your creations, wear your eco-badge with pride. Inform your clientele that by choosing your products, they're actively participating in an environmentally-responsible purchase.

And beyond its eco virtues, the versatility of Ecrylimer is unmatched. It's a gateway to limitless business opportunities, whether you're exploring a creative side gig or expanding your crafting horizons -embrace its potential and watch your eco-conscious, creative dreams come to life.

Ecrylimer Accessories

    Bramblier & Ecrylimer: Crafting a Sustainable, Supportive Future

    At Bramblier, we've masterfully crafted Ecrylimer, a revolutionary, Australian-made eco-casting compound, standing as a testament to sustainable and non-toxic resin alternatives. Rooted in our dedication to both the environment and our crafters, Ecrylimer is our answer to the modern crafter's desire for sustainable, high-quality materials. But our commitment doesn’t end with just providing top-tier products. We've cultivated a supportive community, offering unparalleled guidance through our Facebook group, YouTube channel, blog, and more. Whether you're a crafting novice or an artisan expert, our team is here to ensure your crafting journey is seamless and rewarding. Choose Bramblier's Ecrylimer for an experience that's as kind to the Earth as it is to your creative spirit


    Why a Starter Kit? Unleash your eco-friendly crafting potential with Bramblier's Ecrylimer starter kits. Our kits, ranging from the vibrant Neon to the sophisticated shells, are expertly curated to suit both beginners and seasoned crafters. Every kit offers the unique blend of sustainability and artistry, making it easier than ever to step into the world of water-activated casting. With a variety of molds, pigments, and sizes to choose from, there's a perfect fit for every creative vision. Find a crafting experience that’s not only environmentally conscious but also boundlessly imaginative. As the Australian leading provider of eco-casting compounds, Bramblier is committed to elevating your crafting journey with premium products and unwavering support. Explore our range today and join the sustainable crafting revolution.

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