Ecrylimer by Bramlier Jesmonite Alternative Australia Eco Casting Compound Composite (15)
Ecrylimer Australian Acrylic Casting Com

these are all made from Ecrylimer

Get Crafty the Smart Way with Ecrylimer Eco Casting Compound from Bramblier


Ecrylimer is an advanced 2-part composite formula made by artists for artists. Take the biggest headaches out of crafting and have fun being creative with eco casting again!

Developed, Designed, and Manufactured in Australia



Ecrylimer by Bramlier Jesmonite Alternat
Ecrylimer by Bramlier Jesmonite Alternat
Ecrylimer by Bramlier Jesmonite Alternat

Ecrylimer Is the New Eco Casting Compound of Choice for Artists

  • ENJOY STRESS-FREE CRAFTING with an advanced formula that minimises sanding, reduces bubbles, and offers a smooth set on both sides every time

  • LET YOUR CREATIVE JUICES FLOW with a pigment-friendly formula that also mixes well with other media like gold foil, glitter and   – bring your imagination to life!

  • NEVER RUN OUT OF STOCK due to availability issues – Ecrylimer has a large inventory that is constantly refreshed, giving you a reliable supply all year round

  • OPTIONS AVAILABLE FOR EXPRESS SHIPPING - we hate waiting too! Get you crafting as soon as possible in Australia we can send Express – order your Ecylimer Starter Kit or Refill Pack today and try it out within a few days.

  • TRY ECRYLIMER TODAY with a convenient, all-in-one 1.75kg starter pack that gives you everything you need – discover the Ecrylimer difference for yourself

Using Ecrylimer 2-Part Composite is as Easy as A-B-C!
Step One

Add 2.5 parts Ecrylimer Pro base to 1 part liquid

Step Two

Add pigments, mix for 1 minut, and leave to settle for 1 minute

Step Three

Pour into mould and wait up 25 - 40 minutes to set

Step Four

Demold and let dry - your product will be cured in 2-3 days

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Ecrylimer by Bramlier Jesmonite Alternat
Ecrylimer by Bramlier Jesmonite Alternat
There’s Always Something that Sucks the Fun Out of Life…

…And when it comes to getting creative, nothing is worse than an erratic supply line.


Whether you work with eco casting compounds for pleasure or as a profitable side hustle, you need a reliable supply of high-quality 2-part composite.


In an ideal world, that composite would also give you a bubble-free experience with no sanding needed, giving you deep satisfaction as every piece you demold comes out perfectly.


Meanwhile, back in reality, you’re getting far too acquainted with ‘out of stock’ signs, endlessly tapping your moulds to get rid of bubbles galore, and sanding to get a finished product.


Way to ruin what should and can be a fun and relaxing activity…


…Or worse, way to stall the growth of your creative side hustle.


We’ve Had Enough of All that C$%P, Too….


We’re Bramblier, and We’re the Artists Behind Ecrylimer


Bramblier isn’t some big manufacturing group run by gray suits looking at even grayer graphs and charts – we’re artists and designers like you.


We’re people who got frustrated enough with the status quo to say “enough!”


Sometimes, you just have to fix problems yourself!


Getting creative is all about having fun – we wanted to stop tearing our hair out! – which meant creating a 2-part composite that put the fun back into crafting.


Ecrylimer is the result of countless hours of trial and error and endless tests to create an eco casting compound that would solve or minimise our frustrations.


It has a silky, buttery smooth pour...

It makes demolding a virtually bubble-free experience…

It minimises the need to sand on both sides with durable and smooth results…

It’s super pigment-friendly, letting you go wild with colours…

It’s ideal for testing your latest crazy mix ideas….

Oh, and Ecrylimer is always in stock.


This is only the beginning of where we are going with Ecrylimer - we are in for the long haul!

Ecrylimer by Bramlier Jesmonite Alternat
Ecrylimer by Bramlier Jesmonite Alternat
Ecrylimer by Bramlier Jesmonite Alternat

look at all these smooth bottoms! We aren't kidding they are the bottoms

Yes! You can do Terrazzo

Ecrylimer by Bramlier Jesmonite Alternat
Ecrylimer by Bramlier Jesmonite Alternat

That's alcohol ink and gold leaf #becausewhynot

The Bottom Line Is Simple: You Always Have a Choice…


Here’s the bottom line – we know that you’ll love working with Ecrylimer because we’ve designed it to address issues that we all love to hate.


Imagine it’s a year from now…


Perhaps you’ll stick with your current eco casting compound, bashing out bubbles, sanding away imperfections, and getting frustrated when stock disappears yet again…


…Or, you could be enjoying yourself and letting your imagination run riot as you effortlessly create gorgeous new designs with a minimum of bubbles, little to no sanding, and stock refills on demand.


Whether you’re crafting for pleasure or profit, Ecrylimer saves you time and lets you enjoy the process – instead of getting bogged down by needless frustrations.


All it takes for you to switch from one reality to another is to make a small choice. And at Bramblier, we have made that as easy for you as possible with a 1.75kg starter kit.


If you love Ecrylimer, then we’re thrilled to have you join our family. If you don’t, then you can simply return to your preferred crafting materials.


The ball is in your court – what decision will you make today? 


Put the Fun Back into Crafting with Ecrylimer Eco Casting Compound


If you’re ready to stop tearing your hair out because everything is out of stock everywhere yet again…


If you’re ready to finally start enjoying easy demolding with a minimum of annoying bubbles and tiresome sanding…


If you’re ready to experiment with new designs with a material that lets you try out new ideas and offers a perfect finish on both sides…


Give Ecrylimer Eco Casting Compound a Try Today!


Ecrylimer has been designed by artists for artists so we can all put the fun back into the creative process.


You won’t need to spend hours dealing with imperfections – or searching high and low for new stock.


Ecrylimer’s advanced formula puts the power of imagination and creativity back into your hands.



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