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It's with immense pleasure and pride that we unveil the Ecrylimer Clear - Cast and Coat Resin. Our journey to this point has been filled with countless trials and a steadfast refusal to compromise. We had a dream, a "wish list" of sorts, for what we believed to be the epitome of a perfect resin, and we wouldn't stop until every box was ticked.  We've tirelessly worked to ensure that this product stands out in a market saturated with less-than-ideal options, and we're proud to present a resin that is not only superior in performance but also kinder to you.  At this time we are releasing small sizes and we will increase the size offerings down the track.

Our Wish List Realised:

  • Zero VOC Emission: It was paramount to us that our product emits no VOCs at any stage, a commitment to your health and our planet.
  • BPA-Free: We've eliminated BPA in line with stringent EU regulations it's classified as a hazardous chemical that has the ability to damage fertility among other reactions.
  • Non-Hazardous Classification: Our resin is non-dangerous, aligning with our goal for a safer product that's also easier to ship and handle.
  • Safety First: By achieving a 'Warning' rather than 'Danger' level (for both Part A and Part B) under GHS standards, we enhance user safety without compromising effectiveness.
  • Adhesive Mastery: The ability to coat complex surfaces like the inside of bowls was a must, ensuring a flawless finish where others fail.
  • Casting Capabilities: We insisted on a formula that allows for casting with minimal exothermic reaction, allowing for different shaped and depths of molds maintaining integrity and dimension.
  • Compatibility: It was essential that our resin be mixable with our range of water-based pigments, glitters, and micas, ensuring versatility in use.
  • Innovative: The ability to mix Ecrylimer Pro powder with it to make a stone like composite whilst maintaining a smooth pour, without compromising the waterproofing.
  • UV Resistance: A non-yellowing, UV-resistant formula guarantees that your creations stay true to colour and clarity over time.
  • Pure and Solvent-Free: Only the highest quality, solvent-free ingredients are used, reflecting our commitment to purity and performance.
  • Durability and Waterproofing: We demanded a finish that not only endures but also provides complete waterproofing, expanding the potential for use in a variety of projects.


Coating - To achieve a seamless and immaculate finish when coating your Ecrylimer creations with our Cast and Coat Resin, it is essential to first apply our specially formulated Satin Sealer. This sealer is the culmination of years of dedicated research, designed to lock in colour and prevent the uneven, darkened appearance that can result from applying resin directly. It’s the perfect primer, ensuring that your resin coat will adhere smoothly and uniformly, enhancing every curve and contour with precision and ease. We have a starter pack also for coating here.


When applying the Ecrylimer Clear - Cast and Coat Resin over the Satin Sealer, we have found that a soft brush provides the best results for a smooth, even finish. To make your process as seamless as possible, we recommend using inexpensive paint or makeup brushes that you dispose of after.


Creating Stone-Like Composites with Ecrylimer Pro Powder

Enhance the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your Ecrylimer Clear - Cast and Coat Resin by incorporating Ecrylimer Pro Powder into your projects (now available separately). When mixed in a 1:1 ratio with the resin, this innovation transforms the resin into a solid, stone-like composite. This not only adds a desirable heft, giving your creations the substantial feel of stone rather than lightweight plastic, but it also serves as an economical filler to reduce the overall cost. It also makes the piece completely waterproof from the get go! The natural, light creamy hue imparted by the powder is beautiful in its own right, but you can also mix in pigments for a splash of color. The blend is conducive to adding diverse materials such as shells, sand, or glass chips, allowing for truly unique decorative pieces or jewellery. Additionally, the versatility of this mix means it pours easily, maintaining workability. For eye-catching designs, combine clear and powdered versions within the same piece, creating distinctive decor items that showcase the interplay of transparency and creamy solidity


Food Safety of Ecrylimer Clear - Cast and Coat Resin

Our Ecrylimer Clear - Cast and Coat Resin, once fully cured, is transformed into an inert material suitable for food contact. It provides a safe surface ideal for culinary presentation and creative applications. However, it's essential to be aware of certain limitations and precautions:

  • Additives and Food Safety: Introducing additives like pigments, colours, glitters, and natural fillers to the resin may alter its properties. This change can potentially impact its food-safe quality. We recommend using the resin in its pure form for direct food contact applications.
  • Drinkware Usage: For creating drinkware, we advise that the resin should only be applied to the exterior surfaces. Our resin is suitable for cold beverages but is not recommended for use with hot or warm liquids. The resin's integrity could be compromised with temperature changes, so avoiding hot drinks ensures safety and longevity.
  • Storage of Food: While safe for contact with food, our resin is not intended for long-term storage of food items or use with knives. It's perfect for presentation but not for prolonged food containment.
  • Temperature Limitations: Our resin is robust, but it's not designed to endure flames, objects from stoves tops, or the high temperatures and harsh conditions of dishwashers or microwaves. Exposure to such environments could compromise the resin's finish and durability.

By adhering to these guidelines, you can safely and creatively use Ecrylimer Clear - Cast and Coat Resin for a variety of culinary and artistic projects.


Safety First: Always wear splash-proof goggles and nitrile gloves. Use an organic vapour respirator where there's any risk of inhalation. Work in well-ventilated areas or outdoors and use a cover afterwards to protect the item from dust. Keep the product away from children and pets, do not eat or drink whilst making the resin and adhere to the Safety Data Sheet instructions.


Use Limitation: Not recommended for medium - deep clear pours without colourants or fill ers due to it's clear amber base and viscosity which traps bubbles on deep moulds. Not to be used to make candle vessels, trivets or other flame or high heat products. Can be used to coat the outside of an Ecrylimer candle holder if not in contact with direct heat.


Clean up: Small amounts (ie drops) sugar soap wipes or soapy water. Larger amounts, Brushes containers etc - Solvent


SDS available on request.

Ecrylimer Clear - Cast or Coat Resin

Sales Tax Included
  • Preparing and Mixing Resin

    Safety First: Ensure you are following the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and ventilation recommendations as per the label.

    Prepare the Ecrylimer Clear - Cast and Coat Resin. Measure equal parts of Part A and Part B by weight (for instance, 100 grams of Part A to 100 grams of Part B).

    • Mix the two parts together for 2-3 minutes. Use either a silicone spatula, fork or a mechanical stirrer on a low setting to blend thoroughly. Scrape the sides and bottom of your mixing container to ensure a consistent mixture.

    Additives: Incorporate pigments, glitters, or micas as desired and mix until even. 

    For COATING: Apply over items pre-sealed with Ecrylimer Satin Sealer and cure for 48 -72 hours. Use a brush for application, and support the piece on risers to manage drips.

    Once the Satin Sealer is dry, you are ready to coat the piece. Use a soft, makeup-style brush for application. Elevate the piece on risers to catch any drips.

    • Apply the resin with long, smooth strokes. Slightly overlap each stroke to avoid gaps. The resin will self-level. On flat surfaces, you may use a heavier coat; on sides and curves, a single brush stroke should suffice.
    • Keep lightly brushing the piece all over to make sure the resin has evenly covered the piece. Only use light brush strokes at this point so as to not drag the resin.
    • Check the piece to make sure you have covered the surface - using a light helps to see the surface.
    • Bubbles can be popped with light use of a heat gun or similar.

      Left over resin? You can use up to 1% of our pigments, glitters etc and cast into a mold. Note that some pigments vary greatly, and are usually much darker, to how they are in Ecrylimer, we recommend only using a small amount first.
      Or mix Ecrylimer Pro powder into the mixed resin to make a stone like composite (at a 1 power : 1 resin ratio)

    Cure Times:

    Working Time: 15-20 minutes.

    Touch Dry: From 4 hours.

    Demold: From 5-6 hours, depending on thickness (conduct a test beforehand).

    Full Cure: 7 days for optimal results.

    Cleaning Up: After application, the brush can either be cleaned with solvent or responsibly disposed of. Small amounts/drips can be cleaned up with soapy water or sugar soap wipes.

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