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Ecrylimer Satin "Colour Lock" Water Based Sealer is perfect for creatives who prefer a subtle elegance over high gloss, it provides protection and a delicate sheen in just a couple of coats. When built up to four layers, it boasts the same waterproofing prowess as our Gloss Glaze, making it a versatile addition to your crafting toolkit.


Resin Pre Sealer - Most crucially, this product excels as a pre-sealer, with its colour lock formulation ensuring that it acts as the ideal base for our Cast and Coat Clear Ecrylimer Resin. After meticulous years of research, we've crafted a resin type formula that seals without the mottled, darkened finish that direct resin application can cause. It’s your solution for a keeping the true colour with a smooth, even coat that will cling to curves and corners with ease.


  • Satin Finish: Offers a sophisticated light sheen without the intensity of a full gloss.
  • Versatile Waterproofing: Achieve optimal waterproofing with up to four layers, equivalent to the protection level of our Gloss Glaze.
  • High-Temperature Resistance: Stands up to the heat, making it ideal for crafting items like coasters and soap dishes.
  • Durable & Stain Resistant: Provides a high level of water and stain resistance, extending the life and beauty of your crafts.
  • Dual-Function: Also serves as a strong adhesive for bonding Ecrylimer pieces.
  • Simple Application: Can be applied to half-cured to fully-cured items with a soft brush; additional layers only require a 10-15 minute wait time.
  • Easy Clean-Up: Warm soapy water is all you need for cleaning brushes and containers.
  • Candles - can be used on the outside of vessels only.

Maintaining your sealed creations is as simple as wiping with a damp cloth and a gentle cleaner. Immediate attention to spills will ensure the longevity of the finish. 


Our Satin Sealer shines when applied to marble, terrazzo, and patterned items, though we recommend a trial on flat, single-colour pieces to master the brushstroke-free application.


Thinning the sealer by 10% with water can reduce brush strokes, and top it off with our Gloss Finishing Glaze will elevate the gloss factor further.


Embrace the potential of your Ecrylimer crafts with this sealer – a testament to our dedication to the craft and your creativity.

Ecrylimer Satin "Colour Lock" Water Based Sealer - Resin Pre Sealer

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  • Apply anywhere from half dried to fully cured item. Not suitable over other sealers.

    Using a very soft brush apply the first layer liberally of the sealer on all surfaces -it will initially soak in. Wait about 10- 15 minutes and apply a second thinner layer. For a higher water protection apply 2-3 more layers, lightly brushing. While wet brush off any drips that form before they dry.

    Surface Texture Consideration: While the sealer primes your projects perfectly for our Cast and Coat resin application, you may notice a slight texture after multiple layers are applied. If you are not intended to resin the piece this is easily remedied by a gentle sanding with fine 800-grit sandpaper or higher. Once smoothed, the surface is ready for a final finish with our lustrous Gloss Glaze or the delicate sheen of our lightweight Gloss Finishing Glaze. This step ensures a flawlessly sleek surface for your Ecrylimer creations.

    NON-Dangerous Goods - Not classified Hazardous by Worksafe Aus
    or under GHS.  Wear nitrile gloves, splash proof eye protection, use in well ventilated area.

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