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Introducing the long-awaited solution to achieve 100% waterproofing and food-safe coatings for your Ecrylimer Eco Resin creations—the Sealer Starter Kit.

This comprehensive collection is not just about adding a layer of protection; it’s about unlocking new dimensions in your artistic repertoire. It brings you the unique opportunity to experiment with a revolutionary pre-sealer that enhances and prepares the surface of your projects, and a top-tier coating resin that also doubles for casting that's as innovative as it is reliable.

What’s Inside:

  • 500g Satin Sealer: This isn't just a sealer; it's a safeguard for your colours. With our colour lock technology, it prepares and protects your surfaces, ensuring a mottled-free, darkening-resistant base beneath our Cast and Coat Clear Ecrylimer Resin.
  • 400g Coat or Cast Ecrylimer Clear Resin (200g Part A + 200g Part B): Crafted for excellence, this high-quality resin addresses common concerns with zero VOC emissions, BPA-free composition, and non-hazardous classification, making it as safe as it is effective.
  • Brushes: One sealer brush for precision application and two disposable resin application brushes for diverse project needs.
  • Mixing Tools: Three cups and a stirrer fork.
  • Protective Gear: Two pairs of nitrile gloves to keep your hands clean and protected.
  • Step by Step Instruction Sheet

The Sealer Advantage: Our Satin Sealer is the result of years of research and testing, created to combat undercoat erosion, delamination, and the myriad of issues that accompany direct resin application. This revolutionary formula clings to every curve and corner, promising an even coat that enhances your resin's effectiveness, dramatically reducing the amount needed—like the mere 6g required to coat our Cocoon mold.


The Resin Revelation: Our Ecrylimer Clear is not just any resin; it's an innovation that meets our comprehensive wish list. From its non-toxic, UV-resistant formula to its ability to cast with minimal heat release, our resin is designed for both aesthetic and functional superiority. It's versatile, allowing for mixing with water-based pigments and Ecrylimer Pro powder to create a stone-like composite that remains smooth and waterproof.

Food-Safety information: When the resin is fully cured, it is ideal for culinary presentation. Avoid additives on the top coat for direct food contact to maintain food safety. Suitable only for cold beverages when applied externally. Not recommended for hot/warm liquids. Intended for presentation, not prolonged food containment or use with knives. Not designed for dishwasher/microwave use. High heat can affect the resin's finish and durability.


Durability Meets Versatility: The kit provides enough material to experiment with pre-sealing, coating and resin casting. The pre-sealer ensures that when it's time for the resin to play its part, you use less to achieve more. Achieve lasting beauty with a finish that endures, is fully waterproof, and retains colour and clarity over time.

Your Creative Companion: Whether you're a seasoned Ecrylimer artisan or a beginner eager to explore, the Sealer Coating Starter Kit is your companion towards creating masterpieces with confidence and ease. Step into a world where your creativity knows no bounds, and every piece you craft is a testament to durability and unparalleled beauty.

Sealing Starter Kit - Ecrylimer Clear Resin and Pre Sealer

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AU$99.95Sale Price
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  • Casting Your Ecrylimer Piece

    Begin by casting your Ecrylimer piece according to the standard procedure.

    Applying Satin Sealer

    Starting anytime from the day after casting (or on a cured piece), apply 2-3 coats of Satin Sealer. Adhere to the instructions provided on the bottle. For pieces that will be used in high-moisture environments, such as bathrooms, ensure complete coverage.

    • Allow the sealer to dry thoroughly. The necessary drying time ranges from 48 to 72 hours, depending on the thickness of your piece. Larger pieces may require additional drying time.

    Preparing and Mixing Resin

    Safety First:
    Ensure you are following the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and ventilation recommendations as per the label. 

    Prepare the Ecrylimer Clear - Cast and Coat Resin. Measure equal parts of Part A and Part B by weight (for instance, 100 grams of Part A to 100 grams of Part B).

    • Mix the two parts together for 2-3 minutes. Use either a silicone spatula, fork or a mechanical stirrer on a low setting to blend thoroughly. Scrape the sides and bottom of your mixing container to ensure a consistent mixture.

    Coating with Resin

    Once the Satin Sealer is dry, you are ready to coat the piece. Use a soft, makeup-style brush for application. Elevate the piece on risers to catch any drips.

    • Apply the resin with long, smooth strokes. Slightly overlap each stroke to avoid gaps. The resin will self-level. On flat surfaces, you may use a heavier coat; on sides and curves, a single brush stroke should suffice.
    • Keep lightly brushing the piece all over to make sure the resin has evenly covered the piece. Only use light brush strokes at this point so as to not drag the resin.
    • Check the piece to make sure you have covered the surface - using a light helps to see the surface.
    • Bubbles can be popped with light use of a heat gun or similar.

      Left over resin? You can use up to 1% of our pigments, glitters etc and cast into a mold. Note that some pigments vary greatly, and are usually much darker, to how they are in Ecrylimer, we recommend only using a small amount first. Or mix Ecrylimer Pro powder into the mixed resin to make a stone like composite (at a 1 power : 1 resin ratio)

    Note: With the Satin Pre Sealer in place, only one coat of resin is required.

    Cleaning Up After application, the brush can either be cleaned with solvent or responsibly disposed of. Small amounts/drips can be cleaned up with soapy water or sugar soap wipes.

    Pro Tip: To maximize efficiency, prepare multiple pieces for sealing so you can utilise the brush for several applications before disposal.

    Cure Times

    Working Time: You have 15-20 minutes of workability before the resin begins to get thicker. 

    Touch Dry: The resin will be touch dry after approximately 4 hours. Whilst setting it will be susceptible to dust particles etc, so please ensure the pieces are covered or in a dust free area when drying.

    Full Cure: Allow a full 7 days for the resin to cure completely for optimal durability and finish.

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