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Yes, that's right - You just add the polymer infused powder into water!

Ecrylimer BOLD is the latest innovation from Bramblier giving you more ways to be creative without comprising on the end result.


Why choose BOLD?

* You need drinking quality water (we recommend bottled or distilled water for the best outcome) - making it even more eco friendly.

* 40 mins to demold. However, in a world-first, you get half of that time (15-20 mins) of creating before it starts to set. Enclosed molds (like the shell mold!) we still recommend waiting a little longer 50-70mins. Perfect for those just starting out with eco resin, without feeling the pressure of a quick set looming!

* Hand mixing is a breeze to a smooth pouring consistency.

* Has excellent bubble release with a few taps of the mold.

* Produces beautiful vibrant and dark colours - along with creamy pastels.

* More economical as you can produce more for the same sized pack and postage is less.

* NOTE - Pieces must be sealed with one of Bramblier sealers - the matte sealer is a great option.

* Non-flammable and suitable for coasters, candle holders (not vessels)

* Create all the same items you love easily.

* Comes in a kraft bag or plastic pail with instructions and mold size measuring guide.

* Colour - natural white with a light fleck throughout.


Sizes -

* Just a test run? 750gms is equivalent to 1.125kgs once you have added water

* 2kg pack is equivalent to 3kgs once you have added 1kg water

* 4kg pack is equivalent to 6kgs once you have added 2kg water

Larger sizes available starting from 7kgs up to 40kgs (equivalent to 60kgs). We highly recommend you try a smaller size of Ecrylimer BOLD before purchasing a creator sized packs to familiarise yourself with the product.


Ecrylimer BOLD is exceptional for highly pigmented and colourful and dark pieces, along with beautiful pastels. We recommend molds that are at least 6mm in depth to ensure the longevity of your creation. Thinner castings (such as the shells) are completely achievable and produce fine ceramic like pieces - these should be treated accordingly.

Ecrylimer BOLD Water Activated Eco Casting Acrylic Resin Compound

Sales Tax Included
  • Click here for a 2 minute video on how to mix Ecrylimer BOLD

    • 2 parts base into 1 part water (2:1) by weight
    • Weigh water in grams - (1 part) eg 60grams
    • Pour in Ecrylimer BOLD powder (2 parts) eg 120grams
    • Mix with a fork for 10-15 seconds
    • Drop in pigments - mix for another minute until smooth and like runny custard
    • Pour into mold and use fork to spread out
    • Tap mold to bring air bubbles to the surface (this is easier if you place the mold on a piece of cardboard)
    • Leave for about 3 minutes
    • Tap mold again to release any remaining bubbles
    • Gently blow across the top to pop any remaining bubbles
    • Wait 30-40 mins for it to set - then tap the back of the mold to check it's hard and doesn't indent when you tap it
    • Demold and set on paper towel or cookie rack to cure

    Working time – 15-20mins.
    Demold after 40 mins from when first mixed, allow 50-70 mins for enclosed molds
    (Test before demolding as the amount and type of pigments can increase set time)

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