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Introducing Ecrylimer CREATOR: Your perfect eco resin companion for bulk and candle making. After launching Ecrylimer Pro in 2021, and following up with the first water mix version (Bold) the next year, we have now formulated the most economical eco resin available on the market. Our 35kg equivalent pack is 40% less expensive than a comparable size in Jesmonite.

Launch Fortnight Special: Try any pack at 20% off and receive an additional 20% discount code in your order for your next purchase of CREATOR :)


We understand the challenges of pursuing your passion amidst a cost of living crisis - don't worry we are feeling it too! That’s why we’ve been working tirelessly to develop Ecrylimer CREATOR, the latest innovation from our lab, designed to keep your creative projects affordable without compromising on quality.

Why Ecrylimer CREATOR? By adding just 20% Pro Liquid (included in the pack) plus 80% water, you get a very similar Pro version in a more economical formula.
How did we do it? We've reformulated our Pro Base powder to mix with more water, making it budget-friendly and perfect for bulk creations and candle vessel making. Just, one of the benefits of us making everything in house here in Australia!

Safe and Reliable Just like our other ranges, Ecrylimer CREATOR is free from harmful substances such as silica, formaldehyde, and biocides.


Use Less: If you are used to using a 3:1 water mix for a concrete, hydrostone or similar you will find you use about 22% less powder with CREATOR to cast the same size mold.

Sealing: For candles use the Matte Sealer here - Creator is suitable for use with any other of our sealers.


Packaging and Appearance:

  • Comes in a kraft bag or bag with instruction stickers.
  • Colour: White.

Tip 1: We highly recommend starting with a smaller pack of Ecrylimer CREATOR to get familiar with the product before committing to larger packs.

Tip 2: You can mix your water and the Pro liquid you will receive into the correct ratio and it will store just fine if you pop it in a sealed container. For example - to make up a 20% mix - it's 800g of water and 200g of Pro Liquid = 100%. That way you don't have to measure out 80% water and 20% Pro Liquid each time.


Stay creative, stay economical, and keep crafting with Ecrylimer CREATOR. At Bramblier, we're committed to supporting your artistic journey, even in challenging times.

Ecrylimer CREATOR Bulk & Candle Making Eco Casting Compound

AU$49.95 Regular Price
AU$39.96Sale Price
Sales Tax Included
    • 2.5 parts base into 1 part water/Pro liquid (2.5:1) by weight
    • Weigh 80% of water required in grams - eg 80grams
    • Add 20% Pro liquid in grams - eg 20grams
    • These 2 together = 100g (1 part)
    • Pour in Ecrylimer CREATOR powder (2.5 parts) eg 250grams
    • Mix to a smooth consistency by hand mixing (with a fork) for 1 min, or using a mechanical device for 30 seconds.
    • Swirl gently a few times to disperse bubbles. 
    • Drop in pigments and mix.
      (Tip -Wait a couple of minutes before pouring to allow bubbles to rise and pop, aiding in smoother flow.)
    • Demold and set on paper towel or cookie rack to cure.

    Working time – 9-15mins (longest working time when hand mixed).
    Demold after 35-40 mins from when first poured, allow 50-60 mins for enclosed molds

    (Test with fingernail before demolding as the weather & amount, colour and type of pigments can increase/decrease set time)

  • Eco-Friendly & Cost-Effective: Requires less liquid, reducing shipping weight and costs. You make up the remaining 80% of the liquid with water.

    Extended Working Time: Enjoy a little longer working time than Pro, especially when hand-mixed, making it ideal for bulk projects.

    Mixing: A lovely smooth pour and super easy to mix at a familiar 2.5:1 ratio.

    Strong and Durable: Sets smooth and strong, perfect for creating sturdy candle vessels.

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