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Discover Ecrylimer Pro: A New Era in Eco Casting

Introducing Ecrylimer Pro, Australia's premier non-toxic 2-part composite designed for multi-passionate crafters. Renowned for its virtually bubble-free consistency, this extremely durable fast demolding eco-casting compound assures buttery smooth finishes.


Select Your Ideal Pack Size:

  • Beginner's Choice: 1.75kg Pack - Inclusive of 0.5kg Liquid and 1.25kg of Base Powder (1:2.5 ratio).
  • Enthusiast's Choice: 3.5kg Pack - 1kg Liquid and 2.5kg of Base Powder (1:2.5 ratio).
  • Pro Pack: 7kg and 14kg variants arrive in practical tubs.
  • Creator's Choice: 21kg Pack - Contains 6kg Liquid and 15kg of Base Powder. Dreaming even bigger? Opt for the colossal 42kg variant.

Before venturing into larger sizes, please get acquainted with Ecrylimer by starting with our smaller packs or a beginner's kit.


Craft safely and consciously with Ecrylimer: Unlike traditional epoxy resins, our safe eco-casting compound champions both the environment and your well-being. Derived from natural minerals, Ecrylimer boasts zero VOCs, no formaldehyde, and no biocides. Plus, with its waste-reducing design, even your leftovers can be repurposed into beautiful terrazzo chips or seamlessly integrated into future projects.


Crafted out of artistic passion and frustration at imported versions, Ecrylimer Pro is our brainchild: a 2-part eco-casting composite that guarantees consistent, superior results every time. Here's why:

  • Consistency: Minimised bubbles, smooth pours.
  • User-friendly: Demolds in 30-40 mins. Perfect for hand mixing.
  • Quality: Pigment-compatible with a universal smooth finish.
  • Crafted for All: Ideal for artisans, including candle vessel makers.
  • Australian Authenticity: 100% homegrown, always available.


With Ecrylimer, you're not just purchasing a product; you're investing in and Australian business and a hassle-free crafting experience.


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Note - With Ecrylimer Pro, your creations exude a matte, ceramic elegance. Amplify your piece's brilliance with our gloss glaze or clear finishing wax, available in our store.


Experience the Bramblier touch today—dive into a world where crafting is sheer joy.

Ecrylimer PRO Eco Casting Compound Pack

Sales Tax Included

    • ENJOY AN Australian INDUSTRY-LEADING FORMULA with a buttery smooth pour with virtually no bubbles for a super-smooth set with minimal sanding
    • DEMOLD in 30-40  minutes or less but get a 10-minute WORKING TIME to be more creative.
    • EXPERIMENT FEARLESSLY with new design ideas – Ecrylimer is an easy-to-use, pigment-friendly eco casting composite that lets you get more done, faster
    • TRY A STARTER KIT (CLICK HERE) and get everything you need in one convenient package.
  • * Measure 2.5:1 ratio of powder to liquid- Ie 50g of liquid and add 125g of powder.

    * Add a few drops of pigment

    * Hand mix for 1-2 minutes, or mechanically mix for 1 minute (mechanical mixing is the best for pigment dispersion)

    * Swirl gently a few times while bubbles disperse. Then pour into mold.

    * Tap mold a few times to release bubbles to the surface.

    * Working time – 9-10mins

    * Demold from 25 mins (trays) 35/40 mins (enclosed molds). Demold as soon as it sets.

    (Test before demolding as the amount and type of pigments can increase set time)

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