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Beyond Clarity: The Artistic Potential of Matte Finishes with Ecrylimer

In the realm of artistry, Ecrylimer emerged in 2021 as a game-changing medium. This non-toxic, opaque eco-resin, proudly Australian owned and manufactured, offers artists a platform to express themselves without the health risks associated with traditional resins. While it shares similarities with resin in terms of artistic inspiration, the primary difference lies in its safety.

Ecrylimer: Not Just an Alternative, but an Artistic Statement Ecrylimer is more than just a resin substitute. It champions a revolution in crafting mediums. This material stands out for its safety and non-toxicity. There are no VOCs, biocides, formaldehyde or fumes, and its clean-up is a breeze with just soapy water. With its fast-setting nature, artists can demold their creations in merely 30-40 minutes. Moreover, it doesn't burn a hole in your pocket.

Ecrylimer empowers artists to use pigments, fillers, molds, and mixing cups they might already own. The ceramic-like quality of finished Ecrylimer products offers an unparalleled artistic freedom. Its versatility is remarkable; from molding to freeform sculptures, wood adhesions, aroma stones, candle vessels, and even coffee table tops. The possibilities are as limitless as your imagination.

Donuts made from Ecrylimer, using our sealer to make glazes to have matte and glossy highlights, the tray at the bottom was made with a pour of Ecrylimer in a marble effect and then sealed with traditional resin.

The Unique Aesthetic of Matte: Matte finishes beckon artists with their visual depth and texture. They elicit emotions of individuality, elegance, and sophistication. Unlike their shiny counterparts, matte finishes accentuate form and shape, letting the object's structure shine through without the distraction of concentrated light flashes.

Here are some good reasons why you might opt for a matte finish in your creative works:

1. Reduced Glare and Reflections: Matte finishes don't reflect light in the same way that glossy finishes do. This can be especially important in rooms with lots of natural light, or in spaces where you're trying to avoid glare.

2. Hides Imperfections: Matte paint tends to hide imperfections on the wall better than glossy paint. If your pieces have bumps, cracks, or other blemishes, a matte finish can be more forgiving.

3. Aesthetic Preference: Some people simply prefer the understated, non-reflective look of a matte finish. It can give a room a more muted, cozy, and sophisticated feel.

4. Trend: While design trends come and go, matte finishes have gained popularity in certain contemporary and minimalist design circles.

5. Tactile Feel: If you're considering finishes for items, matte finishes can feel smoother and more pleasant to the touch compared to some glossy finishes.

6. Less Maintenance: Glossy finishes can show fingerprints, smudges, and dust more readily than matte finishes.

7. Photography: If you plan on photographing rooms, your creations or décor etc (for a home business, blogging, etc.), matte finishes tend to photograph better since they produce less glare.

8. Diffusion of Light: Matte finishes help in evenly diffusing light, which can be desirable in where you want soft, ambient vibes.

9. Reduced Attention to Surface: In design, if you want certain decorative elements or art pieces to stand out, using a matte finish can reduce competition for attention.

However, it's also worth noting the benefits of glossy finishes for comparison:

  1. Durability: Glossy finishes often hold up better to cleaning and can be more resistant to stains and scuffs.

  2. Reflective Qualities: Reflectiveness can make a piece brighter.

  3. Highlight Details: Glossy finishes can accentuate details and colours, making them pop.

Comparing and Combining Matte and Clear Finishes While clear resins have their charm, playing beautifully with light reflections, matte finishes, like those of Ecrylimer, present an earthy, subdued, and grounded appeal. Furthermore, artists can combine the two mediums. Thanks to Ecrylimer's porous nature, when resin is applied, it seeps in, creating a bond. This opens doors to creations that harmoniously blend the strengths of both materials.

Practical Benefits of Working with Ecrylimer Beyond aesthetics, Ecrylimer boasts practical advantages. Its matte finish means reduced visibility of wear and tear over time. Glossy surfaces might inadvertently highlight imperfections, but Ecrylimer's matte finish is forgiving, allowing minor flaws to blend seamlessly. Its safety and eco-conscious elements further provide peace of mind. Consider candleholders, for instance; Ecrylimer is completely non-flammable, a feat unachievable with traditional resins.

Inspiration for Artists For artists eager to dive into the world of matte finishes, Ecrylimer is a treasure trove. Imagine repurposing traditional projects, adding unique twists with Ecrylimer's properties. Whether it's a serene décor piece, an intricate sculpture, or functional art, the medium challenges artists to push boundaries.

Art is a dynamic field, constantly evolving with time and innovation. Materials like Ecrylimer are driving this evolution, introducing novel avenues of expression. Clarity, while beautiful, is but one facet of art. With Ecrylimer, artists are invited to explore beyond the familiar, to experiment, and to redefine the boundaries of creativity. So, embark on your artistic journey with Ecrylimer and discover the myriad possibilities beyond the allure of clarity.

Happy Crafting! Gabbi xx

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