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Sealing Ecrylimer: A Guide to Our 6 Sealer Options That work for Jesmonite, Concrete and other Eco Resins

Proper sealing is essential to protect your Ecrylimer creations and enhance their final appearance. With 6 different Ecrylimer sealer options, you can achieve the perfect finish for any project. This guide will break down the key features and recommended uses for each sealer to help you choose the ideal one for your needs.

Our handy comparison chart showcases the main attributes and differences between the 6 sealers at a glance. Use this as a quick reference to compare finish types, water resistance, application methods, and more.

How to seal Jesmonite Ecrylimer and other Gypsum Eco Resins

Detailed Sealer Overviews

Clear Cast and Coat

Our most durable and waterproof option, the Clear Cast and Coat provides a high-gloss finish with superior protection. Apply in a 1:1 ratio mix for 15-20 minutes of working time. This sealer is perfect for vases, tumblers, coasters, and projects that require maximum water resistance. Fully cures in 7 days and is food contact safe.

Satin Pre Sealer

The Satin Pre Sealer offers a subtle satin finish that enhances colours and works well on detailed pieces. Apply with a brush or sponge on items that are at least half-cured, dilutable up to 10% for a smoother application. This fast-curing sealer is compatible with our lightweight glass and coat resin.

Gloss Glaze

For a glossy finish with added chemical and water resistance, choose the Gloss Glaze sealer. This high-wear, dry food safe option is perfect for enhancing coloured projects. Apply with a sponge or brush on fully cured items, do not dilute the sealer.

Matte Finish

Achieve a smooth, flat matte finish with the Matte Finish sealer. This versatile option can be applied from 2 hours after demolding, dilutable up to 50%. Use under wax or lightweight glass for added protection. Our Matte Finish is also compatible with concrete, making it a popular choice for sealing concrete candle vessels and other projects. You can also submerge items in this sealer for a few minutes to speed up the process.

Sealing Candles? Use the Matte Finish

The Matte Finish is an excellent choice for sealing the inside of candle vessels to prevent oil seepage. Apply liberal coats to the interior of your candle holder before adding wax. Allow to fully cure before filling with wax 48-72 hours. This sealer is a go-to for many candle-makers due to its effectiveness and smooth, even finish.

Lightweight Gloss

Our lightweight gloss sealer provides variable glossy finishes on a range of items. Apply in thin layers with a brush or cloth, dilutable up to 20% for a customised sheen. This sealer works well over matte and satin bases for a layered effect.

Wax Polish

For a soft, satin lustre, the Wax Polish is your go-to. Apply with a microfiber cloth on fully cured items, buffing to your desired sheen level. While not a permanent finish, the wax provides some water resistance and can be used over matte sealers for added depth.

How to Choose the Right Sealer

Consider your project type, desired finish, and performance priorities when selecting a sealer. Here are some general guidelines:

For maximum durability and waterproofing: Clear Cast and Coat

For a fast-curing luxe satin finish on detailed pieces: Satin Pre Sealer

For a glossy finish with high water and chemical resistance on coloured pieces: Gloss Glaze

For a versatile matte finish that works on concrete and other candle vessels: Matte Finish

For a customisable glossy finish over other sealers: Lightweight Gloss

For a temporary soft sheen and smooth feel: Wax Polish

Ecrylimer Sealing Kit

To make completely waterproof sealing even easier, we offer a convenient Seal Coat Starter Kit that includes our two most popular sealers: the Ecrylimer Clear Cast and Coat Resin and the Satin Pre Sealer. This kit provides everything you need to achieve a professional, waterproof and durable finish on your projects. Perfect for beginners and experienced crafters alike, the starter kit comes with detailed instructions and enough product to seal multiple pieces.

Using Ecrylimer Sealers on Jesmonite

Our Ecrylimer sealers are also compatible with Jesmonite, offering an alternative to Jesmonite's own sealing products. When sealing Jesmonite, follow the same application guidelines as you would for Ecrylimer, taking into account the unique properties of the Jesmonite base material.

Using Ecrylimer Sealers on Concrete

All of our Ecrylimer sealers are compatible with concrete, offering a range of finishing options for your concrete projects. Whether you're creating candle vessels, coasters, sculptures, or other decor items, our sealers provide excellent protection and enhance the final appearance of your concrete pieces. The Matte Finish sealer is particularly popular among concrete candle makers due to its smooth, even finish and effectiveness in preventing oil seepage. When sealing concrete, keep in mind that it is more porous than other materials like Jesmonite or Eco resins. Always test your chosen sealer on a small, inconspicuous area of your concrete piece first to ensure compatibility and the desired result. Once you've confirmed the sealer works well with your specific concrete mix, apply it following the same guidelines as you would for other materials, taking into account the unique properties of concrete.

With this comprehensive guide to our Ecrylimer sealers, you're well-equipped to choose the best option for any Ecrylimer or Jesmonite project. Refer to the comparison chart and detailed overviews to find your perfect finish. Check out our full selection of sealers in the online shop and feel free to reach out if you have any questions - we're always happy to help you seal your creations with confidence! Happy Crafting! Gabbi xx

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