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Ecrylimer: The Australian Alternative to Jesmonite

Are you looking for a craft material that's good for the planet and great for your projects? Say hello to Ecrylimer, brought to you by Bramblier. It's our special product. It works like Jesmonite but is made here in Australia. It's even better for the environment. And guess what? We've done something cool. We've made it waterproof. No one else in the world has done this with this kind of product!

Why Ecrylimer is Awesome

It's Green: We care about the planet, so we made Ecrylimer with stuff that's kinder to the Earth. Ecrylimer comes from natural minerals, giving it an eco-friendly foundation right from the start.

So versatile. It's your go-to for making candle vessels, jewellery, decorations, or other creative items. It's easy to use, even if you're just starting out or have been crafting for years.

Waterproof Magic: We're super proud to be the only ones who've figured out how to make a gypsum-based product, like Jesmonite or Ecrylimer, waterproof. This means you can make things that stay strong and beautiful, even when they get wet. Sealer kit -

Non-Toxic: Enjoy peace of mind knowing Ecrylimer doesn't release any VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) or other harmful gases, making for a healthier space to create. Unlike other eco resins that may contain dangerous chemicals like formaldehyde and biocides, Ecrylimer is free from these harmful substances. This makes your crafting safer and kinder to the planet.

Zero Waste: One of the great things about Ecrylimer is how it encourages zero waste. Leftover pieces can be upcycled into Terrazzo chips or used in new creations, allowing your imagination to run wild without excess waste.

Proudly Australian: By picking Ecrylimer, you're supporting local jobs and creativity. It's all made right here in Australia, showing the world what we can do.

Want to start crafting with Ecrylimer? Here are some tips to help you get amazing results:

  • Get Ready: Make sure your crafting area is clean and you've got everything you need. Safety first – wear gloves (for the pigment) and a dust mask, just to be safe (only needed when you are mixing).

  • Mix It Right: Mixing Ecrylimer is important. Make sure you follow the instructions so your project turns out perfect. Always pour the powder into the liquid.

  • Take Your Time: Ecrylimer gives you plenty of time to work, so don't rush. Plus with the new Extender there is even more time! Pour into the mold, wait 35 minutes and demold. Once you're done, let it cure for 24-48 hours, and you've got yourself a beautiful, lasting piece.

Join the Fun

At Bramblier, we're not just suppliers; we're pioneers at the forefront of sustainable crafting. Ecrylimer and our exclusive suite of waterproof sealers are more than innovative products—they're our commitment to a sustainable, creative future.

Give Ecrylimer a try on your next project. It's a game-changer for any craft lover. Let's make something amazing and help the Earth at the same time!


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