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Natural stone and shell chips (smaller are 3-5mm and larger are 6-9mm). Great on their own and also mixed in with the crushed glass chips. An easy way to produce a terrazzo style effect. Provided in a small clip seal bag.
How to use -

  • Mix through the compound after you have added your pigments - the amount you use on how much you want it to cover the top. We used quite a bit in the photo for full coverage (about 30g in 150g of mix) to show how it works in Ecrylimer.
  • Pour into mould and tap to make sure there are no air bubbles around the little stone pieces.
  • On demolding carefully use a small circling motion with a very soft cloth dipped in vinegar, or a BBQ wipe (the ones with the little knobs for scrubbing) to expose the glass. Make sure to rub over the whole piece evenly - if you use sandpaper you will scratch them. 

100g Natural stone and shell chips

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