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Natural stone and shell chips to use in your eco resin and clear resin products. Great on their own and also mixed in with the crushed glass chips. An easy way to produce a terrazzo style effect. Provided in a clip seal bag. The natural shell are available in 250g and 500g sizes.
How to use -

  • Mix through the compound after you have added your pigments - the amount you use on how much you want it to cover the top. 
  • Pour into the mould and tap side to side to make sure there are no air bubbles around the little stone pieces.
  • On demolding carefully use a small circling motion with a very soft cloth dipped in vinegar, or a BBQ wipe (the ones with the little knobs for scrubbing) to expose the glass. Make sure to rub over the whole piece evenly - if you use sandpaper you may scratch them. 

250g/500g Natural stone and shell chips

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