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Introducing our new Neutral Pigment Pack. Perfectly curated to suit any aesthetic, these muted hues are designed to bring beautiful natural tones and versatility to your Ecrylimer and Eco Resin creations. 

Colours in the Pack:

Bilby: A natural beige-grey inspired by the fur of our cute fluffy marsupial.

Mulberry: A muted grape shade that captures twilight wine merryment.

Sandstone: A pink-toned natural warmth that beckons the beauty of sunlit cliffs. If Dusty Rose resonated with you, Sandstone will certainly be your new love.

Caramel: Reminiscent of swirls of caramel sauce – a warm fusion of delightful dessert drizzles.

Lichen: Evoking the subtle beauty of forest floor foliage, this muted green-grey is the perfect shade for natural green tones.

Sea Salt: A soft blue-grey, like a gentle ocean wave on a cloudy day.

For now, these captivating colours are exclusively available in our 6-pack set. But stay tuned! Based on popular demand, we'll be releasing individual shades from this collection next year.


6 Neutral Pigment No 2 x 10ml Each

Sales Tax Included
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