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Introducing our Ecrylimer Lightweight Finishing Glaze – the final touch for your Ecrylimer masterpieces. On its own this sealer is designed to add some protection and a gloss finish, while offering a degree of water resistance.

Layer over the matte sealer - If you don't love the super matte lock or texture you can brush thin layers of the Ecrylimer Lightweight Finishing Glaze over our matte sealer. You not only smooth the finish but gain a customisable sheen and retain the beloved protective qualities.
(Not suitable for inside candle holders).

  • Enhanced Colour Vibrancy: Intensifies the hues of your piece, bringing out the depth and richness of the Ecrylimer eco-resin.
  • Gradual Water Protection: Builds up a light protective layer against moisture.
  • Layerable: Apply over three coats of our Satin Sealer for increased waterproofing without compromising the integrity of your design.
  • Subtle Gloss Enhancement: Adds a gentle, radiant gloss to matte or satin finishes, highlighting your project's colours and features without overpowering them.
  • Easy to Apply: With its smooth consistency, it glides on effortlessly, maintaining the integrity of your work. Using a soft brush is the easiest, you can also rub it on with a soft microfibre cloth.
  • Quick-Drying Formula: Saves time and allows for rapid handling and display of your craft.


Best Practices:

Suitable for application on cured and non cured items.
Allow a drying time of 48-72 hours for optimum results.
Ensure the ambient temperature is above 10 degrees Celsius during application.
Cleanup is a breeze with just soapy water.

With the Ecrylimer Lightweight Finishing Glaze, your projects will boast a refined shine and colour enhancement, all while staying true to your eco-friendly ethos.

Ecrylimer Gloss "Lightweight" Finishing Glaze Water Based Sealer

Sales Tax Included
  • Can be applied to a non cured item. Suitable over other sealers and the outside of candle holders.

    Ensure each coat dries clear before adding the next to improve each coat's adhesion.

    NON-Dangerous Goods - Not classified Hazardous by Worksafe Aus
    or under GHS.  Wear nitrile gloves, splash proof eye protection, use in well ventilated area.

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