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Introducing Ecrylimer Gloss Glaze Sealer - the perfect solution for enhancing and protecting your Ecrylimer eco resin creations. We've included a short video on the application and here are some additional tips on using it - we are sure you will find other innovative ways to use it also!


Our easy-to-use durable glaze sealer is designed to provide a gloss, waterproof finish and a higher level of protection than our other sealers. Excellent stain resistance makes it perfect as a coaster sealer and also due to its ability to withstand higher temperatures. Soap dishes are now possible! Not suitable for inside candle holders.


Applying the sealer is a breeze - simply use a soft brush to liberally and continuously apply the first layer (as it will soak in), wait 10-15 minutes, and then apply a second layer. Add 2-3 more layers, lightly brushing each one for even greater water protection and a higher gloss.


If any drips form while the sealer is still wet, simply brush them off before they dry.


Colour enhancing - If you have a project that didn't turn out quite as you hoped, our coloured glaze can help "recolour" it to your liking.  Just add 1-2 drops of your desired colour to a cup of Gloss Glaze, and apply the same way in a few layers. For example, if you want to deepen a black, use a black glaze with a few layers and you'll have a glossy deep black finish. You can also use this technique to "paint" coloured glossy sections or lines. 


Glue - our sealer is also perfect for bonding two pieces of Ecrylimer together. Simply coat both pieces with the sealer and ensure there is a good amount between them for an extremely hard bond.


Food - Finished products (with at least 3 layers) can be used with dry food only but should not be stored with food, used with hot, wet, liquids or food that needs to be kept in a fridge. For example - to use with cheese, place a waxed paper under the cheese, dry crackers can be placed on the sealed item.

Not dishwasher. oven or microwave safe. Please test that you have achieved waterproofing of the entire product before using with any food.


Cleaning - clean finished product with a damp cloth with non abrasive cleaner like dishwashing liquid. Staining items should be wiped off straight away.


While our sealer works best on marble, terrazzo, and items with patterns, it is difficult to apply without brush marks being visible on all-over one colour flat items such as trinket trays. Test on a sample piece first.

Ecrylimer Gloss Glaze Water Based Sealer

Sales Tax Included
  • Apply to a fully dried/cured item. Not suitable over other sealers.

    NON-Dangerous Goods - Not classified Hazardous by Worksafe Aus
    or under GHS.  Wear nitrile gloves, splash proof eye protection, use in well ventilated area.

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