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Imagine having more time and less bubbles in your Ecrylimer Pro crafting process. Just an extra 10 minutes can make a huge difference in the output and level of creativity you can achieve! This is now possible with just 2.5g of this magic fluid in every 100g of Pro liquid.


Introducing the Ecrylimer Pro Extender, the perfect addition to your eco resin crafting toolkit. This safe innovative liquid is designed to give you more control over your projects by extending the working time (retarding the set) of Ecrylimer Pro and effectively popping bubbles for a creamy smooth pour and a flawless finish. 


Extend Your Working Time (Retarder Effect): With the Ecrylimer Pro Extender, you can increase your working time by simply adding 1% to 5% of the extender liquid to your Pro Liquid, based on the weight of the Pro Liquid you plan to use. Gently swirl or stir the mixture, then combine it with 2.5 base powder ratio as usual.

Pop Those Bubbles: Say goodbye to pesky bubbles! Our Pro Extender contains a powerful bubble-popping agent that activates after the initial mix. We recommend waiting at least 5 minutes before starting your final pours to allow the extender to work its magic. Use this interval to prepare your pigmented mixes and plan out your marbling pours, making the most of your extra working time.

Safe and Easy to Use: The Pro Extender has been developed with your well-being in mind, ensuring that it is non-toxic and completely safe to use. 

Tips for Use:

  • Do not add the Extender to Pro Liquid you intend to store, as it may affect the shelf life.
  • Ambient conditions like humidity and temperature can influence setting time. We recommend making a small test batch to find the perfect mix and timing for your projects.
  • Using 2.5% Extender, pieces are typically ready to demold just under an hour from the initial mix start. Always test the set to ensure the best results.

Gain more control over your projects, make larger batches, eliminate bubbles, and unlock your creative potential - all while using a product that is completely safe!

Extender - Ecrylimer Pro Retarder 500g Liquid - More Time, Less Bubbles

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  • For the best results, we recommend using 2.5g of Extender for every 100g of Pro Liquid, combined with 250g of Base Powder.

    This ratio provides an additional 12 minutes of pourable work time when using mechanical mixing, or up to 20 minutes when hand mixing. (Based on tests in Tasmania) However, always test the set before demolding to ensure optimal results, as setting times may vary depending on your specific conditions and pour time.

    At this ratio the 500ml bottle extends your creativity for 20 litres of Pro Liquid!

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