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These are the types of glitter we've found to sit flat enough to work with acrylic resin and will be secured in place after it is set. We've combined different sizes of the glitter discs to give you the best end result in your work!  Each tub contains 5g of glitter in a screw top container.
How to use -

  • Sprinkle the glitter on the mold where you want them to go.
  • Pour a thin layer of compound on the top of them carefully to set them in place and then pour the rest.
  • On demolding carefully use a small circling motion with a very soft cloth dipped in vinegar to expose any sequins that might be covered with the compound. Be careful not to put scratch marks in your piece.
  • Also great for sprinkling on the back after you have poured it and it's still wet to make a double sided majesty!

Glitter Flat Round Disc Sequins - Sprinkle Some Sparkle!

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