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Ecrylimer Bold Starter Kit: Unveil Your Creative Side

Step into the world of eco-friendly crafting with our comprehensive 1250g Starter Kit featuring the pioneering Ecrylimer Bold water-activated casting compound.
Perfect for those just starting out with eco resin, without feeling the pressure of a quick set looming!

Inside Your Kit:

  • A 1250g pouch of Ecrylimer Bold, the perfect introduction to water-activated casting.
  • Molds to shape your vision: one oval tray and one round coaster.
  • Diverse color palette with 3 x 10ml pigments, featuring Red and two shades.
  • Essential tools: 2 x measuring cups, 2 x fork mixers, and a pair of nitrile gloves for mess-free handling.
  • A step-by-step coloured guide to ensure a seamless crafting experience.
  • All these items come nestled within a charming pink box wrapped in delicate tissue paper, making it a delightful gift choice.
  • There is enough to make about 5 trays and 5-6 coasters.


Note: The actual molds and pigments might vary from the images showcased.


Why Ecrylimer Bold?

  • Eco-Friendly: Just add drinking-quality water (preferably bottled or distilled) for optimal results.
  • Generous Work Time: Enjoy 15-20 minutes of crafting before it begins to set, with a total demolding time of 40 minutes. For intricate molds, wait for about 50-70 minutes.
  • User-Friendly: Achieve a perfectly smooth consistency with simple hand mixing.
  • Flawless Finish: Easily get rid of bubbles with a gentle tap, resulting in a pristine creation.
  • Rich and Varied Hues: Whether you desire bold, dark shades or soft pastels, Ecrylimer Bold delivers.
  • Cost-Effective: Get more product for the same pack size and save on shipping costs.
  • Finish and Care: Once fully dry in 48-72 hours, seal with Bramblier sealer and enhance the colour with a clear wax top coat. If your product isn't water-exposed, just a clear wax will do.
  • Versatile: Ideal for crafting coasters, candle holders (except vessels), and much more.
  • Packaging: Comes in a sustainable kraft bag complete with mold measurement guides and instructions.
  • Colour: Its natural white hue features a subtle fleck throughout.

Starter Kit - Ecrylimer BOLD Water Activated Eco Casting Acrylic Resin 1250g

Sales Tax Included
  • Click here for a 2 minute video on how to mix Ecrylimer BOLD

    • 2 parts base into 1 part water (2:1) by weight
    • Weigh water in grams - (1 part) eg 60grams
    • Pour in Ecrylimer BOLD powder (2 parts) eg 120grams
    • Mix with a fork for 10-15 seconds
    • Drop in pigments - mix for another minute until smooth and like runny custard
    • Pour into mold and use fork to spread out
    • Tap mold to bring air bubbles to the surface (this is easier if you place the mold on a piece of cardboard)
    • Leave for about 3 minutes
    • Tap mold again to release any remaining bubbles
    • Gently blow across the top to pop any remaining bubbles
    • Wait 30-40 mins for it to set - then tap the back of the mold to check it's hard and doesn't indent when you tap it
    • Demold and set on paper towel or cookie rack to cure

    Working time – 15-20mins.
    Demold after 40 mins from when first mixed, allow 50-70 mins for enclosed molds
    (Test before demolding as the amount and type of pigments can increase set time)

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