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Ecrylimer Pro Starter Kits: Your Gateway to Green Crafting

Embark on an unparalleled eco-casting journey with Ecrylimer Pro Starter Kits. Specifically curated for the environmentally-conscious artisan, these kits are an impeccable blend of quality, sustainability, and innovation—reflecting Bramblier's Australian ethos.


Kickstart Your Ecrylimer Adventure:

Ecrylimer 1.75kg Starter Kit: 

Comprises 0.5kg Liquid and 1.25kg of Base Powder (1:2.5 ratio). You can make 4 trays and 3 mandalas from this size pack.

2 diverse molds for varied creations.

4 x 5ml pigments; a little goes a long way!

Essential tools: 4 cups, 4 stirrers, and 2 pairs of protective nitrile gloves.

A comprehensive coloured instruction guide to streamline your first experience.

The option to enhance with a USB mini mixer for smooth, effortless blends. Housed in a charming pink box adorned with tissue paper, this starter kit also doubles as a thoughtful gift.


Ecrylimer 3.5kg Enhanced Starter Kit:

Contains 1kg Liquid and 2.5kg of Base Powder (1:2.5 ratio). You can make 9 trays and 4 mandalas from this size pack.

2 unique molds to shape your imagination.

4 x 5ml pigments for depth and vibrancy.

Crafting essentials: 4 cups, 4 stirrers, and 2 pairs of nitrile gloves.

An illustrative coloured guide to inspire and instruct.

An optional USB mini mixer to master your mixes. Exquisitely presented in a signature pink box, cocooned in tissue paper—gift crafting luxury, gift Ecrylimer.


Note: Mold and pigment designs are subject to periodic updates and may differ from the showcased image.


With Ecrylimer Pro Starter Kits, every creation emerges with a naturally matte ceramic allure. Desire a hint of sheen? Opt for our recommended gloss coat or clear wax top coat for an elevated finish.


Discover Bramblier's Sustainable Difference: Harness the potency of eco-responsible casting, and shape a greener, cleaner crafting future today.

Starter Kit - Ecrylimer PRO Eco Casting Compound

Sales Tax Included

    • ENJOY AN INDUSTRY-LEADING FORMULA with a buttery smooth pour with virtually no bubbles for a super-smooth set with minimal sanding
    • DEMOLD in 30-40 minutes or less but get a LONGER WORKING TIME to be more creative.
    • EXPERIMENT FEARLESSLY with new design ideas – Ecrylimer is an easy-to-use, pigment-friendly eco casting composite that lets you get more done, faster.
    • SAFE AND CONSCIOUS - Sourced from nature's minerals, unlike Epoxy resins, Ecrylimer takes pride in having zero VOCs, being free from formaldehyde, and devoid of biocides. Additionally, its innovative design reduces waste, allowing remnants to be transformed into terrazzo fragments or effortlessly incorporated into upcoming endeavours.
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