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25 Creative and Unique Ideas including How to Sell Your Ecrylimer Eco Resin Crafts

Turning your passion for eco resin crafts into a profitable business can be both a rewarding and fulfilling experience. With an ever-growing interest in sustainable and unique handcrafted items, there's no better time to showcase your talent and sell your creations. But where should you start?

There's a plethora of platforms and methods available to artists and crafters, but we wanted to create a guide that was specific to selling your Ecrylimer eco resin craft items. This blog will navigate you through the maze of possibilities, helping you choose the best way to get your beautiful handmade crafts into the hands of appreciative customers.

In the realm of crafting and DIY, Ecrylimer stands as a truly transformative casting material. Its versatility and ease of use make it an ideal medium for creatives looking to start a side hustle or expand their existing homemade crafting business. Ecrylimer allows anyone to manufacture custom-made creations making it highly marketable and adaptable to many business concepts.

Girl at market selling Ecrylimer Eco Resin craft items

Let’s explore a variety of ways in which you can potentially make money with your craft using Ecrylimer Casting Compound.

  1. Exclusive Range for Local Businesses: Design a unique collection of creations that cater to the specific needs of local gift shops and news agencies. You could consider producing a range of products in custom colours and styles that sync with the businesses' branding or the local area's aesthetics. You would only sell these craft items at this particular business.

  2. Customised Souvenirs: Use Ecrylimer to create custom items representing local landmarks or regional motifs. These could be coasters shaped like a local map or decor items mirroring a region-specific icon, making them perfect souvenirs for tourists.

  3. Wedding and Event Styling: Reach out to event stylists and offer colour-matched creations like candle holders, menu and place card holders, etc. Such personalised keepsakes can add a unique touch to the event and serve as memorable items for the guests.

  4. Small Items for Quick Gifts: Always keep small molds handy to utilise leftover Ecrylimer for creating little items such as magnets or single slot photo holders. These can be quickly made and serve as perfect stocking fillers or impromptu gifts.

  5. Aroma Stones: Ecrylimer can be combined with essential oils (up to 1% fragrance oil in the mix) to create aroma stones, which serve as perfect car or drawer fresheners. Tie a pretty ribbon on top for easy hanging. These are perfect for a market where people can smell them.

  6. Candle Holders: With Ecrylimer Pro, you can craft beautiful candle vessels that can be sold independently or wholesale the empty sealed vessels to candle makers.

  7. Gender Reveal Trays: Tap into the trend of gender reveal parties by creating trays with the baby's gender colour hidden inside. The couple breaks the tray (with a small rubber mallet you could provide as a whole kit) during the party to reveal the colour, and the broken pieces can be remolded into a new tray as a keepsake.

  8. Keepsake Cards: Create memorable cards by attaching a small cast made from Ecrylimer, such as a flower or heart, to the front. These cards double up as keepsakes once the embedded item is removed. You could also include essential oils in the mix to turn it into a Keepsake Aroma Stone.

  9. Baby Presents: Craft personalised nursery décor like large freestanding letters for shelves. Or create signs glued onto wood using cast letters and flowers, etc that have the baby’s name and date of birth.

  10. Wholesale Marketplaces: Consider selling your creations on wholesale sites like Faire. This can increase your product's visibility and attract a broader audience.

  11. Pre-packaged Gifts: Package your Ecrylimer creations with complementary items like dried flowers or candles to create ready-to-buy gifts for occasions like Mother's Day or Teacher's Gifts.

  12. Dropshipping: Although this is often associated with large overseas websites, you could team up with other décor related websites where they list your items on their store and you drop ship to their client. You would offer a percentage of the sale price for them on each sale, and your price should include shipping costs. This would be a good option for statement pieces or grouped sets where you can cover these costs.

  13. Personalised Gifts: Ecrylimer's compatibility with acrylic paints and carving tools like a dremel allows you to create personalised gifts and decor items. You could use a stencil or print out the words to transfer an outline if you aren’t a natural at free hand lettering.

  14. Collaboration with Other Crafters: Cross-promote your products by collaborating with crafters who have complementary products.

  15. Hampers: Connect with businesses selling gift hampers and offer your craft creations as potential inclusions, especially during festive seasons and baby hampers.

  16. Art and Craft Workshops: Host workshops, either in-person or virtually, to teach different techniques using Ecrylimer. This can be a fun way to generate income and we can help you with craft packs for this.

  17. Collaboration with Local Cafes and Restaurants: Offer unique, custom coasters, vases, or other tableware to local cafes and restaurants. Your creations can match their aesthetic.

  18. Interior Designers and Realtors: Create unique, locally made items for home staging or design projects. The other option is to offer customised gifts that could be included in a thank you hamper to their client. Custom textured wall art, planters, and tabletop decor can be an attractive option for interior designers and decorators looking for unique, one-of-a-kind pieces to complement their designs.

  19. Functional Office Items: Make business card holders, pen stands, paperweights, etc., to cater to office needs. These items can be customised to individual preferences or business themes.

  20. Subscription Box: Offer a monthly / quarterly subscription box service, delivering a new unique Ecrylimer item to subscribers each month. This could range from small home decor items to functional pieces like coasters and is also an option for teaming up with other creators like candle makers etc in your area.

  21. Christmas Items: This is the time of the year people look for unique gifts, décor and personalised items. If you have a flat mold you love you can drill Ecrylimer to make hanging decorations, add on a glitter letter (either painted, or a cast one) to make a personalised bauble. If you are at the markets it’s the perfect time for selling stocking stuffers like magnets, tea light holders etc. (Tip – E6000 glue is great for sticking magnets on).

  22. Prints – as you can make beautiful patterns and also works of art, you can photograph these and make them into prints that could be sold online on places like Society6, Redbubble, Spoonflower (if you make a repeatable pattern for fabrics or wallpaper).

  23. Niche it – Having a niche look is the easiest way to market and brand your craft items. You might be all neons, pastel ice cream, monochrome or neutral – maybe you only make with your own molds, or you create organic sculptures. It takes time to build up a brand and image but having a recognisable “you” will serve you better in the long run.

  24. Niche Groups – there are so many areas where you can find people in Niche groups, and there are opportunities to create custom items in these areas.-Cosplayers, meditation stones (with semi precious crystals/stones), pet memorials, custom awards/trophies, theatre and film production with custom props (particularly fake food), conscious consumers.

  25. Local Markets and Pop-up Shops: Participate in local markets or set up temporary storefronts in your community to sell your products and build a local customer base. Click here to read out blog about selling at markets.

Table with Bramblier Eco Resin items selling craft ideas

Focus on Eco Conscious markets and Initiatives.

How is Ecrylimer Casting Compound Eco Friendly?

We understand that conveying the eco-friendly attributes of your products is crucial, especially at markets where direct customer engagement happens. Ecrylimer stands strong on environmental credentials, and here's how you can explain it to your customers.

1. Natural Base: Ecrylimer is a natural mineral-based product.

2. Zero VOCs or Fumes: Our products produce no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or harmful fumes. VOCs contribute to air pollution and can lead to health issues, but you won't find them in Ecrylimer.

3️. Free from Harmful Chemicals: You won't find formaldehyde, biocides or any other nasty chemicals often found in other eco resins in our products. This means they're safer for you and the environment.

4️. Zero Waste: With Ecrylimer, nothing goes to waste! You can use any leftovers as chips for Terrazzo or even break down larger pieces to use them in bigger pours. This circular approach means that there's virtually no waste created in your crafting process.

Being an eco-conscious creator is not just about the final product but also about the process and the materials used. So next time you're at a market, share this information with pride and let your customers know they're making a green choice by choosing your products!

With its versatility, ease of use, and wide range of potential applications, Ecrylimer opens the door to an array of business possibilities. Whether you're seeking to supplement your income with a creative side hustle or looking to expand your existing crafting enterprise, the ideas listed above can serve as a starting point for your Ecrylimer-based business. Remember, your imagination is the only limit. So, unleash your creativity and let Ecrylimer turn your vision into a tangible, sellable reality.

Happy Crafting! Gabbi xx

Psst… want to find out more about Bramblier’s Ecrylimer Eco Casting Compound - Click here!


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