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4 Reasons Why Ecrylimer Is the Best Alternative to Jesmonite in 2024

Frustrated at seeing Jesmonite out of stock yet again? Wondering what you can use instead of Jesmonite? If you’re looking for a high-quality, Australian eco casting alternative, then look no further than Ecrylimer!

Want to get creative with Jesmonite but frustrated by its limited availability – or having to pay through the nose for a supply from a third-party? When it comes to getting crafty, you want to spend more time having fun with your designs than hunting down supplies – and ideally, you’re looking for something that can also minimise pesky bubbles and monotonous sanding without skimping on quality.

The best Australian Jesmonite alternative on the marketplace today is Ecrylimer – and here are 4 reasons why you should try it out today!

Ecrylimer Is the Most Advanced 2-Part Casting Composite Available Today

Ecrylimer is designed by artists for artists – which means we’ve taken special care to deal with some of the most common complaints about eco casting formula. Ecrylimer’s advanced formula offers a buttery smooth pour with fewer bubbles than Jesmonite, with a smooth result that minimises the need to sand.

This formula also opens up new creative possibilities: products made using Ecrylimer are smooth on both sides! Together with its pigment-friendly nature and ability to naturally incorporate materials like gold foil and alcohol inks, you’re free to let your creative imagination soar!

Ecylimer Isn’t Only Affordable – You Also Save As You Spend!

At Bramblier, we believe that art is for everyone and the creative process should be rewarded. That’s why we started the Bram Grams rewards program that gives you 5 grams for every dollar you spend. You get back a dollar with every 100 points redeemed – and with prices starting at $65, you can start saving with your first purchase! You can earn more points if you refer a friend! Who knows - you might get to a kilo!

Start using Ecrylimer, and your savings will soon pile up, allowing you to create more while spending less. Try out your new and bold creative ideas, get messy, and have fun without having to break the bank!

Ecrylimer Eco Casting Compound Is ALWAYS In Stock

There’s nothing more frustrating than running out of composite – and not being able to find more anywhere for love or money! If you’re running a side hustle, you need a reliable Australian alternative to Jesmonite so your business can stay on pace with orders.

Ecrylimer in stock and shipped Express, making it a reliable and high-quality alternative for personal and professional use. Why tear your hair out searching for non-existent supplies when you can focus on your craft instead?

Ecrylimer Is a 100% Australian Owned and Operated Alternative to Jesmonite

Best of all, Ecrylimer is an Aussie product through and through, designed and manufactured right here in Tasmania. This 2-part composite has been through a rigorous testing process to deliver fewer bubbles, minimal sanding, and a silky, buttery smooth pour

Now you can create eco-friendly designs effortlessly and support the local economy at the same time! Ecrylimer lets you get more done with less – without having to worry about stock issues ever again!

Psst… want to find out more about Bramblier’s Ecrylimer Eco Casting Compound? Click here!


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