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The Ultimate Eco-Conscious Craft Kits: Perfect Christmas Gifts for DIY Lovers

Welcome to a treasure trove of Christmas surprises destined to delight the creatives in your life.

Our Eco-Conscious Craft Casting Kits are thoughtfully curated to offer a meaningful and memorable gifting experience. Each kit is an invitation to explore the joys of at-home crafting, designed for anyone from aspiring artists to seasoned creators looking to expand their horizons with sustainable and eco-friendly materials.

Pro Casting Starter Kits

This year, simplify your Christmas shopping with our specially curated Xmas Exclusive Ultimate Ecrylimer Creator's Kit – the ideal present to enchant the creators and crafters in your life (or perhaps a special treat for yourself!). Enjoy half-price shipping and the option of a personalised handwritten Christmas card, all beautifully packaged in a festive pink box, ready to bring joy on the big day!

Kickstart a loved one's creative passion with our Ecrylimer Pro Starter Kits, starting from $69.95 they are the ideal Christmas present for those who value both crafting and the environment. These kits come complete with all the essentials, making them a hassle-free and considerate gift that encourages the creation of bespoke home decor and more.

Children Friendly - Longer Working Time Kits

Perfect for all ages, including children. Its water-mix formula offers a longer working time, giving you the freedom to shape your vision with ease. Ideal for those who appreciate a relaxed crafting pace, this kit promises an enjoyable crafting experience for the whole family.

Pro Larger Starter Kits Take crafting to professional heights with our comprehensive Large Starter Kits, which now can include the convenience of a mini mixer—streamlining your creative process and ensuring an easy way to mix. Perfect for those who are serious about their crafting, these kits provide the ultimate combination of quantity and quality for endless artistic possibilities.

Clear Casting and Sealing Kit A dual-purpose treasure that offers a glimpse into the realm of clear casting while providing the tools to seal and protect your creations. It's an excellent taster allowing for endless exploration in crafting stunning, durable pieces with a professional finish. Whether you're preserving the vibrancy of colours or ensuring a waterproof and food contact safe finish, this kit is the perfect addition to any eco casting toolkit.

Pigment Packs

Enhance your crafting palette with our vibrant selection of pigment packs. Choose from bold primaries for classic hues, striking neons for a pop of brilliance, or our subtle neutrals. Each pack comes with six 10ml bottles, perfect for mixing and matching to achieve the exact shade you desire. These pigments are a great complement to any of our starter kits, can be mixed with our clear casting resin, allowing for full customisation of your projects.

Gift Card

Unsure of what to gift? A gift card allows the recipient to choose their own supplies - click on the photo below to purchase.

As we wrap up our guide to the perfect eco-friendly Christmas gifts for the crafters in your life, we hope you've found inspiration in our selection of sustainable, creative, and easy-to-use casting craft kits. May your holidays be filled with joy, your homes with warmth, and your crafts with that personal touch that only handmade can offer.

From all of us at Bramblier, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a New Year brimming with creativity and eco-conscious crafting. Happy crafting, and happy holidays!


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